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L.A. Psych Books

L.A. Psych Books is a line of books designed to address the various emotions that children face as they become exposed to novel situations throughout their lives. These books are meant to help validate the feelings that children may be experiencing as well as to give them coping strategies to successfully get through difficult situations. An additional intent of these books is to provide a platform and starting point for parents to give their children the opportunity to share their feelings without directly asking them ‘How do you feel?’ and eliciting the defensive ‘Fine” response. Try them out and see where the conversation takes you and your child…

Title: Nika Goes to Camp


Author: Melkonian, Sheyda Mia

Illustrator: Oconnor, Kim

ISBN: 978-145750-524-9

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Description: Nika Goes to Camp is a book tailored to young children (ages 6-9) who will be separating from their loved ones for the purpose of going to an overnight camp for the first time in their lives. The main character, Nika, experiences a variety of emotions related to this experience, ranging from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and fear. As the week progresses, Nika learns how to deal with novel events including being homesick, peer relations, not fitting in, etc. Nika Goes to Camp is a book that is designed to address and validate some of the emotions that children may experience as their departure to camp nears. In addition, it is a great starting point for parents who want to help their children make the transition to camp a positive experience, but who do not know where or how to begin that conversation.

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Title: This Book is Not Required, Third Edition

Author: Bell, Inge; Gunderson, John; McGrane, Bernard

Contributing Writers: Bogosyan, Sheyda; etc…

ISBN: 978-1412910118

Description: This Book Is Not Required: An Emotional Survival Manual for Students has been regarded as a powerful tool to introduce students to the sociological analysis and personal reflection of college life. Now in its Third Edition, the book continues to educate students on the college experience as a whole-looking at the personal, social, intellectual, and spiritual demands and opportunities presented by college life. In a personable and refreshingly straightforward style, authors Inge Bell, Bernard McGrane, and John Gunderson critically discuss how academic life distinguishes between learning the institutional rules of higher education and internalizing those rules. The book demystifies professors and teaching assistants by discussing their institutional roles and incentives and invites students to take responsibility for-and make the most of-their educational experiences.