Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 21883


My approach in working with clients is ultimately strength based. My theory is that nobody knows what it feels like to be you better than you. Based on this belief, I feel that you are the only person that has the power to change things in your life. As a therapist, I feel that my role is to guide you in that journey, to sit with you during the difficult times, and to notice and inquire about some things which may be easier to see from the outside.

Every person has strengths which have helped them get through life. One of my roles is to help my clients identify their own personal strengths and to help them continue building on these assets. I apply this approach and mindset when working with various types of clients, whether they are individual adults, adolescents, kids, or families. For example, when working with families, one of my first steps is to work on helping each family member identify what they feel are their family strengths and what aspects of their family keeps them together and united as one unit. It is very easy for people to fixate on the negative aspects of themselves and their families and to forget to acknowledge one another’s strengths and positive qualities. Sometimes we assume that people know the good things about themselves and so we fail to address these areas, but we are much more apt to verbalize our feelings about their weaknesses. My goal in treatment is to highlight the strengths, note the weaknesses, and find a way to help the strengths compensate for the weaknesses as a means to creating a fulfilled person and family unit.

When conceptualizing about a client’s presenting problem and symptoms, I tend to align myself with a psychodynamic orientation. I feel that it is important to look at one’s history in detail and to note previous experiences which have influenced and ultimately created one’s outlook on the world. I feel that once the person can make the connection between the events/people that contributed in creating their worldview and their current symptoms, it is then that the doors to making change have opened.

In working with kids, I feel that it is imperative to include at least one parent in treatment. The child exists in the family system and the child’s symptoms are usually reflective of the family’s symptoms. Also, it is not possible for a child to make change on their own, but the parent needs to aid the child by providing them with the needed support and limits. Also, in relating my approach to working with kids with my overall strength-based approach, it is important for the parent/s to provide the child with positive reinforcement for all that they do well as a means of strengthening their self-confidence.

Overall, I am an avid believer in

  • Looking at one’s history as a way to conceptualize & make sense of their symptoms.
  • Helping one see how their personal historical events have led them to this point in their lives.
  • Helping one use their strengths to make the necessary changes and become the person they want to be.

You can find further information about my techniques when working with specific populations under the ‘Areas of Specialty’ Section. If you have any questions in addition to what is provided on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me.